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This book is full of sh*t

What’s in a title?

In this case…poo!

No, honestly. A poo cookbook. Actually, “Poo” is the nickname of Bangkok chef Saiyuud Diwong, and in Thai, it means “crab”, not “crap”.

“Cooking with Poo” is either pure marketing genius, since the book has been talked about (even becoming a trending topic on Twitter) or a dead flop, because all the marketing in the world won’t get me to buy a cookbook that makes me feel queasy.

So what do you think? Marketing genius? Or gross-out flop?


What do you think about “Cooking with Poo”?
Marketing genius
Gross-out flop

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For a different take on the issue, perhaps this might be of interest…

…and I sure hope those are chocolate chips, and not what I think they are.


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