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"The second most-frequent writing request, after books, is for school papers.  We respond to all such queries by refusing to help a student cheat himself (or herself) out of an education."
David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Marketing, as quoted in Maclean's

The Happy Guy Marketing
Writing, SEO, social media and content marketing

Search Engine Optimization...

Why fight to attract customers? They are searching Google and Bing for your products right now. An effective search engine marketing campaign can deliver them, and we can help.

Content Marketing Strategies...

If you want to spread your message across the Internet, our team of content writers and marketers have the experience and the network to make it happen for you .

Freelance Writing Services...

Our team of freelance writers includes dozens of top dedicated specialists who can spin magic for you with their words. With so many skills between them, you can find the best writer for your project.

Freelance Editing Services...

If you have done your writing, but it needs to come alive or to meet publishers' expectations, let our writers and editors take your manuscript to the next level.

Website Design Services...

To complement our SEO services, we work with a handful of carefully selected web designers and programmers who excel at what they do.

Translation Services...

Much of the world does not speak your language. To expand you market, let us translate your website, your book or your brochures into French or Spanish...or into many other languages through our partners.

In 2006, three satisfied former clients returned to us for additional SEO services. In 2007, word of mouth referrals were our top source of new SEO clients. Since 2008, our own rankings continue to bring in the most new business - but former clients continue to return for more service.

Our secret to social media and SEO success for your website

Social media is the number one way that information spreads across the country and around the world these days. Unlike paid advertising, it is not easy to control, but in many ways it is more effective. The secret to social media success is through effective content marketing. This means creating content that is unique, useful and engaging, and also getting that content in front of people who will in turn share it with their networks. That's what we do.

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is the process of placing your website near the top of search engine rankings for searches relevant to your website. There are no ranking guarantees when optimizing a website for the search engines. SEO is neither science nor art; it is a competition where nobody controls the rules, and the rules are always changing. Very few professional SEO consultants anticipate likely changes to the algorithms (the rules). We keep a close watch on where the search engines are headed, giving you an advantage over your competition, while at the same time working to build your content to deliver what the search engines are looking for.

Based in eastern Canada, The Happy Guy Marketing are strategic SEO consultants, rather than just technical SEO operators, giving our clients on every continent a superior success rate and a healthy return on investment, whether your website is in English, French, Spanish or German. We also understand the difference between various sectors, and provide special real estate SEO services, travel SEO services and local business SEO services.

Your SEO success will be in great part determined by your content - how amazing it is, and how well we reach people who will share it around the Internet. Content marketing and social media marketing strategies are now a large part of SEO success, and we specialize in this aspect.

We can deliver more than good search engine rankings. Search engine marketing is the process of helping you move potential buyers onto your site and through your site. We take the time to understand your customer base and partner with you to move them through their entire search process. If you want to learn how to do most of your search engine optimization in-house, we would be pleased to provide SEO training and consulting for your team.

Let us know how our content marketing, social media marketing and search engine marketing services can help you grow your business: contact us.

About ghost writing, book writing and editing

If you have a book in you, we can help you bring it out. We see ourselves as midwives, helping you deliver your "baby". We have a team of professional freelance writers who specialize in different genres, including fiction, editing, motivational, Christian, business, finance and many more.

Most of our writers write top-quality articles and books on many subjects. Others specialize in proofreading and copy editing. We draw from some of the best talent available in Canada, the USA and overseas. We also include a number of business writers who can deliver annual reports, white papers and financial documents, too, and many people rely on us to write their press releases.

Let us know how our team of freelance writers can help you shine: contact us. (Please note that our freelance writers produce “work for hire”; you retain all rights. We do not work on spec, nor do we work for a percentage of sales.)

About our French and Spanish translation and localization services

Our network includes several French and Spanish translators who specialize in translation, localization, SEO and link-building in both languages. Through our partners, we provide the same level of service at the same price in German, Italian and other Roman-alphabet languages. More than just translation, we offer localization to ensure your message is well-received by local cultures (like how to address French Canadians and the difference between "Spanish" and "Latin American").

Let us know how we can help you: contact us.


Serving the world from Chesterville, in the triangle between Ottawa, Kingston and Cornwall, Ontario.


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