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SEO consultant logo Hire an Ethical SEO Specialist

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Yes, it's true. There are a lot of freelance SEO specialists and SEO firms taking innocent webmasters for a ride. This page is about how to avoid being a victim of a scam.

The first thing to consider is the importance of hiring an ethical SEO specialist. SEO ethics is not just about being nice little boy scouts. An ethical SEO specialist will make sure your website is not penalized or even banned from the search engines.

To the outsider or the novice, SEO (search engine optimization) seems a bit like voodoo magic. Not surprisingly, website owners want some kind of guarantee. This makes them easy prey for the most common scam: a false promise.

How can you tell if a guarantee is false? Any guarantee is. A reputable freelance SEO specialist or SEO firm will not provide a guarantee, because too much is out of his control. Consider the following professions:

  • A stock broker cannot guarantee that a stock will rise. The economy could tank, the CEO could skip the country, or the product could be discovered to cause cancer in children.
  • A baseball player cannot guarantee the team will win. The pitcher could give up too many runs, the other teams could be really good, or he could have an off-season.
  • A lawyer cannot guarantee you will win your case. The star witness could die or leave town, the judge might be in a really bad mood, the other lawyer might be a whiz.

Your search engine optimization specialist cannot guarantee results either, because the search engine algorithms can change unexpectedly, the competition might be better entrenched than appears, or the competition might start getting better optimized, too. Such promised are 100% unethical and most likely illegal.

Why search engine optimization ethics is important

Because the SEO field is unregulated and operates in the virtual world, some SEO specialists have been known to take the money and run. This is where SEO ethics hits you where you feel it most -- in the pocketbook. We are often approached by website owners who say, "The previous SEO took my money and did nothing."

To make sure you hire an ethical SEO specialist, always check that he has a physical address posted on his website. That is a sign that he is less likely to disappear. Most reputable search engine optimization specialists will ask for some of the payment up front. Some will bill in arrears. There should be no reason to give full payment up front to a perfect stranger.

Our SEO clients speak out.

Vadim Mazo - webmaster

We were impressed with the David's innovative approach, and the results speak for themselves.

Stewart Granville - website owner

We are having more enquiries (around 30% up). The difference you have made is very noticeable, and there appears to be some consistency in the results. So well done.

Esther Barzel - website owner

This really works. Before Google's aging penalty even wore off, we were ruling MSN for many of our key search terms.

Wayne Akey - website owner

David, just a note to let you know I have seen some excellent results from the Google updates you suggested. Nice Job!"

To inquire about our SEO services, contact us now!

Another typical scam is to use dirty tricks, called "black hat SEO", to get your website ranking highly. You are pleased as punch, hand over the money, then five months later you wonder what happened to your rankings when the search engines get wise and ban your site.

It is important to ask an SEO specialist about his methods before hiring him. In the current search climte, where Google is penalizing websites for things it never paid attention to before, you need to know that you have a "white hat" SEO consultant. This video explains why, in a simple to understand way:

Another common trick, often in conjunction with a false guarantee, is to choose poor keywords.I could get your automotive site to rank #1 at every major search engine for the term "double-decker bus sundae delight". Unfortunately, not too many of your customers are searching for that term.

Be careful, however, not to demand the most competitive terms, either. For instance, if your automotive site is for a chain of repair shops in Pennsylvania, you probably do not have the financial means to compete for the term "automobiles", nor is that the most effective term to target your most likely customers.

Ask an SEO specialist how he plans to select the keywords for you. If your bottom line is not his top priority, find another SEO specialist.

Another search engine optimization scam is to guarantee placement within a short period of time, and to buy pay-per-click ad space. Pay-per-click ads appear as "sponsored" listings in the search engines. While they will attract some targeted traffic, only 40% of Internet searchers click on the sponsored listings. Worse, they are temporary listings that end when the account is depleted.

A similar scam some SEO specialists do is to place temporary links on their own sites or buy paid advertising links on other sites. Once the money is paid, they remove the links on their own sites, and once the ads expire on other sites, your site loses those links and rankings also fall.

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