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"The second most-frequent writing request, after books, is for school papers.  We respond to all such queries by refusing to help a student cheat himself (or herself) out of an education."
David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Marketing, as quoted in Maclean's

What sets The Happy Guy Marketing apart : Before writing, we take time to listen not just to your story, but to your voice.

Freelance writer logo Hire a Memoir Writer or Editor

To hire a freelance memoir writer, contact us now!

Your story is very personal, whether it is your autobiography or the biography of somone you care deeply about. We understand this. We will help you release your story and bring it to life in your memoirs.

"Your story must captivate readers to have an impact."

What we do for your manuscript

We start by organizing your information. Most topics can be organized in several ways, so we will work with you on that. We will write the chapter titles first, then map out your information across the chapters. Sometimes chapter titles will change after the writing. That's OK.

There is more to a biography than just a chronology of events. For instance, we'll include:

  • how you felt
  • how other people reacted
  • what inspired you
  • your dreams
  • your challenges
  • your triumphs
  • whatever other elements you want to bring your biography alive

We have real experience writing memoirs and historical biographies. Here are a few samples of memoirs and biographies we have written for clients.

  • An all-inclusive biography of an African revolutionary who fought for his people, commissioned by his family.
  • A biography of a person with fairly unique psychological conditions. Her memoir launched a speaking career across the UK.
  • A memoir of someone who had done it all - drugs, violence, crime - recounting how he felt throughout his lowlife periods and how he overcame the odds and escaped his surroundings.
  • The biography of a family patriarch, so that his countless grandchildren would remember him and know the strength of their roots.
  • A survivor of severe sexual abuse as a child, recounts how it affected her and kept her from leading a productive and fulfilling life as an adult.
  • A Major League Baseball player.
  • A newcomer to Amercia writes his autobiography of how he came to America with only the shirt on his back, worked hard, invested wisely, took some risks, and made it reasonably big. The American Dream.

As you can see in this chart, biographies are a very popular genre these days:


There are five parts to writing a manuscript:

  1. Organizing your ideas. Our book writers can do this for you, but it is usually best for you to do it yourself - especially since you know your story best.
  2. Choosing anecdotes, quotes, etc.
  3. Research. Depending on your topic, there might be the need for research, although not so much with a personal memoir. This will vary from book to book and from author to author.
  4. Writing. This is self-explanatory.
  5. Editing - second draft. How extensive this phase is depends primarily on how much of the information you want included was given to the book writer as part of the first three points above.

For pricing information, please see our writing fees.

Let us take your topic from idea to published book with words that captivate your readers.

Want to hire a freelance memoir writer?

If you are looking for a freelance writer or editor for your biography or autobiography, contact The Happy Guy Marketing for a free quote. The more details you provide, the better we can serve you:

Your name (required):

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What type of book is this? (required)

Desired length in number of words of finished book (required):

Details – please tell us how organized your information is and in what state you can provide it for our writer. This will have an obvious bearing on your cost. If there are other details, such as deadlines, special requirements, goals and the market for your book, please include them here:



Serving the world from Chesterville, in the triangle between Ottawa, Kingston and Cornwall, Ontario.


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