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More on Blogs, RSS and SEO

Friday, May 9th, 2008

A couple days ago I wrote about how blogs are good for SEO.  Today, I would like to offer one additional reason.


RSS helps your SEO efforts in two ways.  First, you can submit your feed to RSS-specific directories, and that of course brings a number of links to yet another page on your domain.  That is good, especially for a new website that lacks the credibility to be referenced in blogs and portals, and lacks the link-juice most link-exchange partners seek.  One caveat is that some RSS directories will accept only tried and true feeds, so you might have to go back a year later when you have proven yourself.

In addition to the link-juice that RSS offers, if your content is good and you take your blog seriously, those RSS directories should generate traffic.  The number of people who take advantage of RSS feeds is small, but these are Internet diehards.  These are people with voracious appetites for information and are more likely to buy over the Internet than the typical surfer.   Many of them are bloggers themselves who use RSS as a means of gathering research and ideas quicker than by surfing.  Exposing your blog feed to them is a great way to build the best links of all – natural ones that your website earns because of its superior content.

Content alone won’t win the SEO battle.  But content publicized can.  And RSS is a means of publicizing.


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Geography based directories

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Have you ever noticed that some directories have a two-track navigation?  You can drill down to the appropriate category.  And you can also drill down to the apporpirate location. 

When submitting your website to such directories, always drill down as low as you can in the geography are.  Even if you are submitting a website that services the world, submit at the city level.  Even if the lowest level is not yet indexed by Google or yahoo or MSN. Here is why…

 Suppose you submit your website to http://www.wv-travel-directory.com/directory/0-world/187-cheap-air-travel/view.html .  You will get a link on that page.  If you take advantage of the deep linking opportunities (this directory allows three deep links, in addition to the home page URL), you will get 4 links all on the same page.

Suppose however, that you drill all the way down through http://www.wv-travel-directory.com/directory/10-north-america/187-cheap-air-travel/view.html , http://www.wv-travel-directory.com/directory/25-united-states/187-cheap-air-travel/view.html , http://www.wv-travel-directory.com/directory/316-new-york/187-cheap-air-travel/view.html , http://www.wv-travel-directory.com/directory/802-new-york-city/187-cheap-air-travel/view.html and submit your website at http://www.wv-travel-directory.com/directory/807-manhattan/187-cheap-air-travel/view.html .  I am, of course, assuming your offices are in Manhattan.  You get a link on the page you submitted to, plus on all the parent pages…all those pages you just navigated through.  Count them: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6.  Six links, and if you submitted three deep links for your listing, each of those links also shows up on six pages, so you get a total of 24 links.


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Submit your URL to deep link directories

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

I have read much debate over which directories and what types of directories are worth submitting your website URL to.  I have to admit that I often disagreee with the views espoused in many of these discussions.

Today I want to speak up in favor of that rare bird, the deep link directory.  A deep-link directory is one that allows links directly into pages of interest within your website.  Very few directories allow this; most insist on submitting your home page and your home page only.  This cripples people from posting links to the pages of most interest, which are often inside the website, or from linking to various topics within a website with a broader coverage. 

From an SEO perspective, you don’t want all your inbound links pointing to your home page…unless, of course, you are trying to send a message to the search engines, such as, “Look how shallow my website is.  See?  Nothing there worth linking to but the home page.  There’s nothing inside that anybody would want to link to, no siree.  Don’t even bothering indexing all those useless pages.”

So when I got involved in creating directories, they all offered a link to the home page URL plus up to three deep links.  Here are links to four free deep link directories where you can submit your website:

Submit travel websites with deep links

Submit webmaster websites with deep links

Submit real estate websites with deep links

Submit all sorts of websites with deep links

Since options are limited for free-submit deep link directories, here are four of my favorite paid deep link directories.  None of these have recurring fees, and they are all reasonably priced.   

Bloggeries (just for blogs).

Octopedia (our page there)


Webtopia (the Canada page)

World Site Index


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