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Can You Survive the Blog?

Monday, August 29th, 2011

No, this is not a horror movie (you might be thinking of The Blob). This is a blogging contest. I love a good blogging contest, and it seems that there have been precious few of them of late. But along comes…

…and it’s time to have some fun.

Blogging contests are a always great way to gain recognition as a blog writer and make new connections. They give new links for both people and search engines to follow (good for SEO) and they create a sense of importance for your blog. Plus, you could win prizes (but , really, that is probably the smallest benefit).

This contest is even better.

It’s like a reality TV show – only, it’s a reality blog show. Have you ever watched Survivor? Me neither. But if, you have, this is a lot like that show. Two teams will be selected and each will have to build a blog together. Along the way, folks get voted off until only one person gets to keep the blog and the fabulous cash prizes. This is a pretty original contest, so it is worth entering.

Here are the rules…

The Rules

Starting September 5, 2011, they will begin accepting entries for potential contestants. The deadline for entries will be September 23rd, 11:59 p.m. EST. Selections will be announced on October 3rd, and the official Surviving The Blog contest will begin on Monday, October 10th.

To be considered for one of the 2 teams, here are the guidelines:

  1. Write a “Why WeBlogBetter Should Choose Me” blog post for your blog that announces this contest, your intent to enter, and reasons why they should choose you over everybody else. Be sure to include ALL sponsors banners and links. (See code on the official post ). This sponsor list will continue to grow and it’s your responsibility to make sure you have the latest updates. You do not need to own a blog, however, to enter, you’ll still need to write the required blog post – you can do that by guest blogging on another blog or by starting a free one at WordPress.com, Blogger, Google Sites, or even on Squidoo.
  2. Tweet this post on Twitter at least 7 times. (Once per day for a week) Be sure to mention @WeBlogBetter so that they can verify that you’ve done this.
  3. Share this post on various social networking sites.
  4. Subscribe to the WBB Email List, if you haven’t already
  5. Follow these WBB Team Member blogs: PositiveSpin, LiveYourLove, Hajrakvetches!, SoloMomPreneur, FindAllAnswers.com
  6. Send an Email to: [email protected] with the subject: “Intent to Enter” that includes the following required pieces:
  • Link to your “Why WeBlogBetter should Choose Me” blog post
  • The Twitter ID that you used to tweet this post
  • Evidence that you’ve shared this post on other social networks (screenshots, links, your profile, etc.)
  • The email you used to subscribe to the WBB Email List.
  • A Short bio of yourself that includes details that will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • A 250×250 or bigger photo of yourself (Must be appropriate and Safe For Work).

Sponsor rules

And if you wish to sponsor, you can do so at the following levels:

  • $50 Basic Level – Get a link with the anchor text of your choice included – Lowest Placement
  • $100 – Silver Level – Get a 125×125 banner w/Link – Bottom Placement
  • $150 – Gold Level – Get a large 300×250 banner w/Link – Middle placement
  • $200+ – Platinum Level – Get a large 300×250 Banner w/Link – Top Placement (Top dollar gets top placement). Plus get your ad displayed in the rotating banner for 6 months (right sidebar of WeblogBetter and the 2 Competing Blogs)

Let the blogging begin!


Grab The Bookmarketer For Your Site

More on links from statistics websites

Monday, August 15th, 2011

A couple couple weeks ago, I wrote about links from statistics and valuation websites, and posed the question whether it is worthwhile paying five dollars to have one’s domain submitted to 5000 of them. You might want to read the post before continuing.

There was an interesting comment by Graeme, that said:

“Did you check how my of these sites already had a link to yours? If I search for any of my domain names I get lots of these that I have never asked to list me.”

This is a good question, but it is hardly the full question. Some of these sites have static pages, and might already be linking back to you. But many of these sites create the pages on request. You punch in a domain name, and they grab the information from authority stats sites like Alexa or Compete, or from search engines like Google or Baidu.

So in most cases, the answer is “no” – most of these sites were not already linking to the site I submitted.

But as I said, that is not really the full question.

Think about it for a moment.

Keep thinking…

Aha! That’s it. If the linking page exists only because I requested it, what happens when I leave? Does the page still exist? Or more to the point, is the page stored somewhere for the search engines to find it? Yeah, 280 links or so, but on pages that really exist? A few, perhaps, but not most.

So you probably think I am about to change my mind and poo-poo the $5.00 I spent on this? Not quite. You see, $5 for 100 or 300 or more links (we are not sure exactly how many, remember?) is actually a pretty good deal. Any professional SEO consultant knows how much time it can take and how many fails one has to go through building just a couple links. What if we could take the pages we created on the fly and freeze them in time? Or in space? Or in cyber space?

Here’s what you do:

  1. Check which of the pages actually have a live link to your domain.
  2. Save the list of those pages.
  3. Build links directly to those pages

How? Here are four ways, depending on your comfort level.

  • Create a page on your website just for “Hey, look who thinks they know what our website is worth”.
  • Use these URLs when making blog comments.
  • Include these URLs in article marketing and blog posting (The Free Traffic System is ideally set up for this.)
  • Try some social bookmarking; there are many minor social bookmarking sites that are not as particular as Digg and Reddit are.

When the links you create are spidered, the pages evaluating your domain “exist” for the search engines. Plus, they actually have some small amount of link juice, which probably places them in the top 1% of pages on the each site for link popularity. Remember that most of these pages link only to your website, not to 30 or 40 or 50 other websites on some link exchange page. The more link juice these pages get, the better for your website.

So, the big question I am sure you all want to know is whether there were actually any improvement in rankings as a result of this little experiment. Well, here are the results at Google, keeping in mind that no links have been built in to these pages.

Keyword One before: around #70 (I did not take an exact reading)
Keyword One after: #60 (a couple days ago, I saw this at #55)

Keyword Two before: around #70 (I did not take an exact reading)
Keyword Two after: #65 and #66

Keyword Three before: around #70 (I did not take an exact reading)
Keyword Three after: #59 and #60

So these readings are positive in that it appears the site climbed a bit for all three search terms, even adding an interior page to two of the searches. The movement, however, is not phenomenal and it is possible that it is explained by other factors. It will be interesting to see if there is further movement once some links are built into a few of these pages. I might just have to report back to you again…


Grab The Bookmarketer For Your Site

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