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Teaser Press Release – Recruiters predict high-demand jobs in 2007

Monday, January 29th, 2007

The sample press release I have just posted on the site is not only of interest because I know that a lot of tech-types might be visiting this blog, but equally because it is a good sample of how a press release can act as a teaser for the main news.

You will note that the main news release will come shortly, along with the report that is to come.  This news release pulls a secondary finding from the report and lets it out early.  It might gain additional coverage, we shall see.  It might help draw interested media for the main release, we shall see.

 The original release, Recruiters predict healthcare and IT jobs to be in high demand in 2007, is on the client’s website.  If you want us to write a press release, or better yet, develop a public relations strategy, just let me know.


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Wikipedia: the Dead End on the Information Highway

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

I was not going to blog about this, since so many people have blogged about it so quickly, but I decided I need to, if for no other reason to add my opinion to the debate.

Wikipedia is an organization famous for its narcissistic fascination with linking madly between internal pages, but not linking out to good additional sources of information.  Well, they’ve just gone one step up on the anti-social ladder, adding the rel=”nofollow” to all external links, making it the biggest cul-de-sac on the Information Highway. 

The question in my mind, and I am sure in many a search engine algorithm engineer’s mind, is whether the engines should still be respecting the rel=”nofollow” attribute.

 And “no”, I won’t link to Wikepedia’s announcement on this…not even with the nofollow attribute!


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SEO for Reputation Management: Part I

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Anyone whose business depends on trust and credibility needs to be concerned about reputation management.  Most people don’t give two thoughts to the search engines when they think of protecting or enhancing their good names.  But consider where you would go to check up on someone you plan to trust with a valuable project.  That’s right…Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN.

This SEO for reputation management blog series will interest you if you are… 

  • an accountant   

  • a lawyer   

  • a therapist, naturopath or any other health service provider   

  • and SEO specialist   

  • a consultant of any kind   

  • a personal trainer   

  • a writer or editor   

  • an artist of any kind   

  • a web designer or programmer   

  • a virtual assistant    

  • a home inspector   

  • anyone else in the service sector   

What do people find when they Google your name?  One writer (let’s call her “Amanda”) came to us because they found her blog in the top two spots, but in positions 3 and 4 they found a very disparaging blog post.  (Blogging is about being real; it does not have to be about being rude!)  

Obviously, she wanted to move that blog post down, out of Google’s top ten for her name.  That’s not how SEO works.  SEO is about moving a website up in the rankings, not down.  The only way to move a website out of Google’s top ten, is by moving ten web pages ahead of it into Google’s top ten.  We told Amanda that we could help restore her maligned reputation using SEO techniques.

We knew what Amanda did not want potential clients to see when they Googled her name. Amanda’s reputation management SEO campaign began by identifying what she did want them to see:   

  • Her own website that lays out her credentials in a professional manner, so that potential clients see that they would be dealing with a professional in whom they can trust their project.   

  • Samples of her work, so that potential clients see the quality of her work (easy for a writer, as well as for an artist; much harder for a medical practitioner or an accountant.   

  • Testimonials.  Better yet, rave reviews.  Any third-party testaments to the quality of her work and her professionalism. 

 This is David Leonhardt, of The Happy Guy Marketing.




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Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

I just discovered TagWorld  . It’s been called a MySpace clone, and perhaps it is, but it looks like somebody has put a lot of thought into how to make it unique, and presumably better. 

 I’ll be making friends, joining groups, and poking around…and hopefully I’ll have some great tips and ideas for you on how this csocial network can help you do whatever you are on the Web to do.

If you have experience with TagWolrd, please email me or leave a comment.  I am looking for your ideas.


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Tags Tags Tags

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Andy beard just wrote a great blog post on tags and how multiple tags can help get a blog better search engine rankings for a wider variety of search terms, and therefore of course a wider variety of potential readers.  The strategy: tag everything in site.

I commented with reservations, but I am intrigued and at the risk of making my tag list unwieldy, I am going to start applying Andy’s strategy, beginning with this post.  (Don’t worry, I won’t overdo it; you’ll never see a tag list longer than a post, even if I try keeping my posts short.)


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Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Always on the lookout for cool and useful new social networks, I signed up for a MyBlogLog acount, recommended by several people at WebProWorld.  If you join up, please make me a contact of yours and we can follow each other around, share information and be successful together.


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Search Top 5 Is The New Top 10

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Microsoft’s new eyeball study shows what we have always known … that people click on the #1 search result most of the time, and all the other spots are just also-rans. 

 But the study reveals a lot more, especially for how search engines can improve the way they display results.  In Search Top 5 Is The New Top 10 Jason Miller summarizes the report, but here is an except from that article that is most useful for SEM-SEO marketing:

1. Users scan four results regardless of where the best listing is (Though we also know from previous studies that the top listings are inherently trusted more, and it appears searchers consider results in couplets – one and two together, eliminating one, usually the second, and then skipping to three and four, suggesting odd-number results are superior to even-numbered results).

2. Users scanned more results when the best listing was moved further down the page, regardless of snippet length, indicating users know at a glance if the result is the correct one.

3. Users look farther down the list for navigational queries than for informational queries.

4. Users expect to find their desired information in the top five results (Other reports have supported that results appearing above the fold, or where scrolling is required, are clicked on with more frequency. In relation to that, Microsoft’s study showed click accuracy rates diminished for rankings 4, 5, 7, and 8. Note: Result six is not included as below the fold, six becomes rank one.)

5. Users examine, on average, eight results before changing their queries, meaning if results 9 and 10 are pretty much SOL.


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The Web and Politics

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Paul Wells is one of my favorite columnists.  If you don’t live in Canada, you are missing out on both his wit and his insite.  In this case, he writes about how the Web is juts beginning to redefine politics, both in Canada and the USA.

I find it surprising that it has taken so long, but there is no question that Web marketing will take on a new dimension when we the non-business world gets ahold of its power – politicians, charities, barious causes and opinions…

In fact, I think the Web has the power to mold public opinion more than ever before, and at the same time the public can use the Web to play a direct role in changing society more than ever before.



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How to use AdWords for top SEO benefits

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

Yesterday, a client asked my how to use AdWords to advance her SEO campaign.  The idea had come highly recommended.

The short answer is, well, you can’t.  Sorry for the misleading title, but that’s how the question usually comes phrased.  But it just cannot be done.  Google values the integrity of its search results too much to allow monetary considerations influence them.  Yes, you can believe it, because if people lose confidence in Google’s search results (ordinary people, not frustrated webmasters), there will be no more monetary considerations.


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More on the candy contest

Friday, January 12th, 2007

Long ago, I realized that I could not read 200 ezines every week, especially when some of them would fill my inbox with “solo mailings” several times a day. 

So I unsubscribed from most of them.  One of the few that I kept receiving is “‘elf Expressions Ezine”, probably because there is a good balance of information there, much better than the usual online affiliate marketing drivel.

So I was very pleased that Mary Wilkey, the publisher, has joined the Plum Drama Candy Giveaway Contest (yep, I just gave it an official title!)  Her readers will get the chance to blog just like this and get some free yummy candy, too.



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