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Political Speechwriters Must Leverage Authenticity

What is the most important feature of a political speech?
  • Ideas?
  • Vision?
  • Alliteration?
  • Emotion?
  • Leadership?
  • Credibility?
No. No. No. No. No. No.  Authenticity is the key on which all of the above rest.  Our speechwriters capture the essence of who you are.  This is the one key ingredient that makes a political campaign successful – an ingredient most candidates overlook. 
Consider these two examples:
George Bush became President of the USA despite sounding hokey, despite malapropisms, despite the mockery of the media elite.  Why did so many people vote for a man that, even to this day, faces scorn and derrision in the media?  Why did they vote for him twice?  Because his hokey style was authentic.  People felt they could trust him, that he was revealing himself to them.  He was not pretending to be someone he was not.
Barak Obama was not supposed to succeed George Bush as President of the USA.  A lot of people forget this, but two years ago everyone was asking whether the United States would have its first female President.  Not to take anything away from Hillary Clinton, but she failed the authenticity test.  People felt she was trying too hard and was not revealing her soul to them.  Barak Obama, however, bared his soul.  People felt he was real.  People felt he was authentic.  Even people who usually didn’t vote, even people with racial concerns, even people with differing views warmed up to him — enough to make him President.
Not every speechwriter can create authenticity.  For that, the writer has to be able to capture the “you” in you.  She will need more than just information, she will need to understand you. Our speechwriters take the time and effort, and they have the skills to craft a speech the displays not just vision and leadership, but your authenticity.  Your audience will feel the connection and will warm up to you, not just to your message.
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