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What sets our Infographics creators apart: We understand that sometimes more is less - that a strong focus is more effective than a ton of noise.

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Infographics are all the rage, and for good reason. Thanks to information overload, people are seeking quicker, easier ways to get their information. But not all Infographics are created equal; not all offer a quicker, easier way to share information.

Infographics are nothing new. Newspapers and magazines have been using them for decades. What is new are those ten-mile-long Infographics that would have looked silly on paper, but seem to "fit" better on our endless scrolling computer screens. The problem is that most of those Infographics are ineffective. They are neither quicker nor simpler.

What makes an effective Infographic

Here are the principles we use to create effective Infographics:

  • A strong focus. The reader should be able to easily identify the message. If you are considering an Infographic like "Everything about Blue Jays", better to break it up into several Infographics, such as "Blue Jay mating techniques", "Top ten Blue Jay snacks" and "The anatomy of a Blue Jay egg".
  • K.I.S.S. Yes, keep it short. Nobody was ever successful at communications by overwhelming their audience. Just becasue you can scroll down, down, down all the way to the Underworld, doesn't mean that your audience wants to go there.
  • Be original. If possible, find a new way to transmit your information. Sometimes an Infographic doesn't have to look like an Infographic.
  • Be truly original. The single best way to go from good to spectacular in the Infographic world is to supply original data. Data that you create or collect yourself. Data that is attributable to your business and to nobody else. In that situation, the Infographic and a press release and perhaps some other tools go hand-in-hand to create buzz for your business.
  • Amazing graphics. Oops! No, not really. In fact, one of our most popular blog posts ever attracted most of its attention due to a very basic, unamazing Infographic that followed the other principles above. The quality of graphics is one of the least important factors.

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Sample Infographics

Here are a few samples of Infographics we have created for clients. (Click on the image too see the full size pop up in a new screen.) Notice how each one follows the key principles we have outlined above.

This is a good example of finding a unique way to display data - original source data, in fact:

Click to see full size

Keeping it simple, with just a single scenario:

Click to see full size

This one could have been one of those scroll-'til-you-drop Infographics, but we pulled out just a few facts to present:

Click to see full size

Infographic or just a graphic? In some cases, a simple graph is all you need. (Note that this is our own original data.):

Click to see full size

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