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SEO consultant logo URGENT -- Crucial SEO Advice for the New Algorithm


How can Sticky SEO
finally give you the edge
over your competition?

  1. Don't get trampled by the new algorithms
  2. Feel the power of higher rankings
  3. Profit from higher conversions


The search engines are changing. This time it's the BIG ONE!

Sticky SEO - your secret weapon for the coming algorithm Hello, this is David Leonhardt. You might recall in 2003 I predicted gut-wrenching algorithm changes of the evolutionary kind, most of which were implemented by the search engines. Many shocked website owners lost their prescious top-ten rankings, their profits and some even lost their business. Fortunately, my clients were prepared, and I hope you were, too.

In 2003, there were about 8-10 billion pages on the Internet. Fast-forward to July 2008, when Google had indexed over a trillion pages. With so many more people gaming the system, something has to change. That's right, a new algorithm storm is on it's way, and this time the changes won't be evolutionary.

The new algorithm will be revolutionary.

This isn't going to be a leisurely stroll through a rose garden. It will be more like a heart-pounding run with the bulls in Pamplona. A lot of website owners won't be prepared. They won't even notice the dust rising in the distance or hear the pounding of the hoofs...and they will be crushed by the stampeding bulls. The question is, what about you? Well, that's where "Sticky SEO" comes to the rescue.

But first, here is a short history of search engines:

  1. In the beginning, they naively ranked web pages based on what the authors say the pages are about (meta tags, on-page content)

  2. Then, somewhat wisely, they began ranking web pages much more on what other web authors say about the pages (relevant links, link popularity, keyword-rich link text)

  3. Soon they will be ranking web pages based on...

What should you do
to score big with the new algorithms?

Sorry, I don't want to get ahead of myself. It is important to understand that your on-page content will still be important in the new, improved and tough-as-nails algorithm. If your website is about camping gear, it won't suddenly be ranking high for flower arrangements. And I am not predicting the demise of link-popularity and link-relevance. I am certain these will all still be important factors in the algorithms, so please, please, please don't stop doing these things.

But what if your powerful link-building campaign was to become like Icarus' famous flight? I assume you know the story of Icarus.

His father, Daedalus, built him wings made of feathers and wax, and warned him not to fly too close to the sun. Of course, the story would be pretty boring if Icarus had actually listened to his father's instructions, right? So Icarus flew high up near the sun, where the air was suffocatingly hot. The wax wings melted, the feathers fell off and that was pretty much the end of poor Icarus.

What if your high rankings would cause the value of your inbound links to melt? What if the search engines start evaluating high-flying websites on a hot, new criteria - something critical that you might have neglected while focusing on an escalating link-building arms race? What if the value of all those links just melts away? OK, I am oversimplifying things, because the quality of the links, and the quality of the website...

Silly me, I am getting ahead of myself again...

An SEO parable from the bible?

There is a parable that Jesus tells -- and I am not preaching, but this story describes exactly what is about to happen...

A man entrusts his servants with various amounts of money. The one entrusted with the least money, hides it under a rock for fear of losing it. The servant entrusted with the most, invests it confidently and shrewdly, making the money grow. When the man returns and sees that the first servant did not even place the money in the bank to earn interest, he is understandably upset. I'll bet you can guess which servant he entrusts with his money from that point on.

It would appear that "the man" in this story might really be a search engine. You see, the new algorthm will punish those websites who just let visitors sit there, without trying to make their visits richer. The search engines will reward those websites that invest in creating a richer experience for visitors and making their visits grow.

The more you can keep visitors engaged in your website, the more visitors the search engines will send you.

Oops. I just gave it away. I was tryng so hard to keep you in suspense.

But that really is what the new algorithm is all about - usefulness. What about relevance? Sure. Importance? OK. But your ability to satisfy a search engine's customers is what will earn their referrals. Isn't that how it works in real life? Don't you refer your customers, your friends, even your family to businesses that will satisfy their needs?.

So the better you can hold their searchers' attention, the more customers the search engines will send you. And building lots of poor-quality links won't help you retain their referrals.

Sticky SEO - your secret weapon for the coming algorithm

How exactly can you apply Sticky SEO to your website?

Aha! That's the magic question. Sticky SEO, in a nutshell, is all about how to hang on to your search engine referrals. And if you learn how to do this really well, your competitors can just kiss your... OK, let me put it another way. Sticky SEO is the perfect synergy of search engine optimization, usability and conversions. It's all about convincing the search engines that your website is more useful than your competitors' websites.

And just how will the search engines know that yours is the most useful website?

  1. Your visitors don't bounce back to the search engines as often as they do from other websites.

  2. Those that do bounce back, stay longer on your site than on others.

  3. Your visitors dive deeper into your website than they do into others.

How do I know that your visitors are about to treat your website so much better than other websites? Because you are about to download all the secrets of Sticky SEO.

Please note: this book is not just a bunch of theory. It is a practical guide that offers 6 exclusive strategies to master this new "usefulness algorithm".

And it gets better. Each strategy includes specific actionable tips to help your website retain visitors. Let's face it, you can either let them bounce back to the search engine, effectively saying, "Yuck, that was a useless website," or you can turn them into customers, fans or users...and await the steady stream of new customers that will follow. Kind of a no-brainer, isn't it?.

Yes, David, send me the Sticky SEO advantage absolutely, 100% free!

Yes, I know, I should be telling you this book is easily worth over $400, even without the incredible bonuses, and by telling you that if you order in the next 15 minutes, you can get it for the amazing low price of just $27. Isn't that how marketing is usually done online? Oh, and of course I should tell you about all those amazing bonuses. And I should make sure to mention that this is a risk-free purchase with an iron-clad, money-back guarantee.

But I won't.

In all honesty, this book is worth to you only what you take out of it an put into action. And if you apply it all, it's actually priceless.

Best of all, it's completely free. If you find it useful, please let others know. That's all I ask.

And there is no money-back guarantee, of course.

And as for bonuses...

BONUS: advanced Sticky SEO tricks and tips

In addition to the 6 strategies in the Sticky SEO book, there are a number of advanced techniques and tactics that really don't fit conveniently into any particular "strategy". But they are cool and they are razor-sharp. Some are white hat. Some are black hat. Some are gray hat. All are premium crafted tricks for those motivated go-getters who really want to add power to their SEO and pump up their profits.

You already know that there is no high-pressure time-limit on this offer, but in the time it took you to read this little letter of mine, you have already lost a sale that this book will help you capture. There really is no time to lose, so grab your copy of Sticky SEO now!

Yes, I want my free copy of Sticky SEO now!

David Leonhardt,
The Happy Guy Marketing

P.S. -- Just to give you a hint about how timely and how powerful this stuff is, one major search engine already released a paper showing how radically different a usefulness algorithm would rank major websites...and it looks like there will be some big losers and some big winners. The free information I've packed into this handy guide will empower you to come out a winner.

P.P.S. -- Yes, I really did make those predictions in 2003, yes they have mostly come true, and yes my clients smiled through the storm. The original article is still available unedited here. Make sure you can smile, even laugh, through the next wave of algorithm changes. Get your free copy of Sticky SEO now!



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