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There is one more powerful search engine optimization e-book that you simply must have. Here is how I described Number One In Your Niche in a personal email to my own clients and former clients.

"There is an exciting new SEO guide just released. Sadly, it is not mine, but I have reviewed it and I can report that it is extremely thorough and detailed. It is called Number One In Your Niche, and it gives you step-by-step instructions on how to climb the search engines using expert niche reports.

Author Priya Shah details most of the techniques I have used to boost my own rankings and builds on them a unique strategy to boost your rankings even higher using niche reports. In a sector full of false information, this one is about as good as it gets:

Pick up your copy now: Number One In Your Niche

I have respected Priya Shah for some time, mostly because she delivers such quality information you can actually use, rather than trying to be some kind of Internet "guru". She is also author of these helpful guides:

The Genius Guide to Website Design

The Genius Guide to eBook Publishing I highly recommend Priya's superb guides, because your website will earn you more money. Her attention to detail is unparalleled.

David Leonhardt
The Happy Guy

P.S. For easy off-line promotion, pick up a copy of my simple step-by-step media relations plan for entrepreneurs. It is brimming with ideas, tips and instructions on how to put your website, your store or your organization in front of thousands or millions of TV watchers, radio listeners and newspaper readers. Get in the news today!


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