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Google. MSN. Yahoo. AOL.
Could they ban your website?

Right now, Google is getting tough on search engine cheaters. Thousands of websites could get banned just because their owners do not know they are doing anything wrong!?

Oops. That could mean BIG trouble for YOU. Sure, you picked up a few tips over the Internet and you've modified your website. But do you know if those tips are for real?


I just finished your SEO Book--fantastic! You have packed a ton of useful--even lifesaving--information into one easy to digest package. Anyone wanting to create a website that scores well on the search engines can profit from this book.

master marketer Kevin Bidwell

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"I want Google and other search engines to ..."

Believe it or not, the search engines are just drooling over the opportunity to send leads, customers and profits your way. That's why they exist. But you have to know how to play by their rules if you want to suck back the money.

Letter from the author, David Leonhardt

Ask yourself this one crucial question: Can you afford to be banned from the search engines, especially from Google? If not, Don't get BANNED by the search engines is your life insurance.

  • 4 costly mistakes that can crush your business ... and how to avoid them.

  • Surprise! Your link exchange strategy is now outdated. Get updated now.

  • Get the inside scoop on 3 common webmaster tactics Google is cracking down on today.

  • Discover 10 golden opportunities you are probably missing ... and how to grab them now.

  • Oh no! Have you chosen the wrong keywords? Find out here.

  • Learn the dirty little secret your website designer does not want you to know.

  • Get the scoop on why you should control content on OTHER people's web sites ... and how to do it.

  • Discover the 10 "myth-takes" that are hurting your business ... and how you can fix them.

  • Can you trust your search engine optimizer? We tell you how to separate the good guys from the con artists.

  • Revealed! 3 types of search engine myths that trap most webmasters into making counterproductive decisions. Don't get caught in the traps.

  • And so much more powerful information to secure your place atop the search engine rankings.

Most webmasters cannot keep up with rapidly changing search engine tactics. You might be using outdated strategies to climb the rankings. You might even be doing something that can get you banned! This simple, easy to follow SEO e-book lays out 20 of the most common myths you need to know to stay in business.

For whatever twisted reason, I found a strange fascination in search engine optimization and started paying way too much attention.

Guess what happens when you pay attention? You start learning more than you can ever imagine. I learned how to place my web site on the top of the heap with such popular searches as "happiness", "media relations plan", "self-actualization", "publicity tip" and dozens and dozens more.

Is it worth the effort? Check out the steady and spectacular growth in traffic resulting from this strategy (This graph is lifted directly from my web server stats) at

SEO at work

But you don't want to hear about my success. You want to know how you can jump on top, too!

David's SEO Clients Speak Up

"We were impressed with the David's innovative approach, and the results speak for themselves."

Vadim Mazo, CEO of Dotcom-Monitor.

"David, just a note to let you know I have seen some excellent results from the Google updates you suggested. Nice Job!"

Wayne Akey, owner of

"We are having more enquiries (around 30% up). The difference you have made is very noticeable, and there appears to be some consistency in the results. So well done."

Stewart Granville, CEO of Last Minute Florida Villas.

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That's what this SEO e-book is all about. Putting you on top. You get all the insider information on the mistakes others are making, PLUS you get my top ten list of missed opportunities for success. These are things you are NOT doing now that you should do if you want to win at Internet marketing.

Wow! This is easy!

You know what the best part is? I make it soooo easy for you. You don’t have to keep your ear to the ground. You don't have to practice. You don't have to make mistakes. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions in this easy-to-read, step-by-step guide.


Your ebook is the first one I've read that covers all aspects of Search Engines Optimization. I was really impressed with your approach. This is unique and very well thought out! This step-by-step guide is easy to follow and extremely informative. Now Search Engines Optimization will be a dream and not a nightmare!

ezine expert Valerian Dinca

Let me stress, this is NOT rocket science. You can do it and you can do it well. But there is so much misinformation floating around that you need this guide to avoid mistakes that can cost you your business! Get your copy now.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I want to make more money online?
  2. Would I make more money if I had 10,000 more visitors to my web site every month?
  3. Would I get more visitors if I ranked ahead of the sites that are getting those visitors now?
I think you know the answers to those questions. Yes. Yes. Yes! The decision to optimize your web site is a no-brainer. But then comes the tricky part. How? What do you do next?

So here are a few more questions:

  1. Do I want to spend the time to learn all about search engine optimization?
  2. If I make a mistake and get banned from Google and MSN, will I have to give up my dream of earning a living online?
  3. If I miss the best opportunities for search engine success, will I be able live with myself, or will I feel like flogging myself with a banana peel? (And you do NOT want to feel like THAT!)
Whoa! The answers to these questions don't seem so simple. But actually they are. The answer is: download a copy of Don't Get BANNED By The Search Engines now.

Daytime. Nighttime. Get yours now!

Don't wait another minute. Order now to get the information you need to succeed. The sooner you start the better your chance for success ... and the less likely you will be caught doing something that could ban your website to oblivion.

You get the most up-to-date insider secrets that your competition doesn't have.

Remember, this is the straight goods that really work. It is not the fly-by-night advice that floats around the Internet. In fact, this book is the tool you need to protect yourself from falling for the sneaky tricks of online con artists.


At last an ebook on search engine stuff that talks my language! I not only understood every word, but I am now itching to go and fiddle with my site - and this from someone who has never taken an interest in optimization before.

PS: The tip on page 25 is solid gold!

Kickstart Daily Editor Martin Avis

You are probably wondering how much I am asking for all this valuable information. I have been told I should sell it for at least $600 or $800. "David," I've been told. "This is make-or-break information. And nobody else is selling anything like it. It's like solid gold"

"What would it cost me
if my website was banned for a perfectly innocent mistake?"

But I know your pockets just aren't that deep. Call me crazy, but I've priced it at just $39.97. (I know, I know, I'm giving up a LOT of money I could be making.) However, for a limited time, we are running a special "Market Test" and you can have it at a deep discount for only $29.97. That’s 25% off the regular price - but you absolutely must act while the pop-up window is still on your screen.

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52 Top SEO Tips!

52 SEO tips We've just added this special new bonus: 52 top SEO tips. This will get you started on your way to blasting your website to the top of the search engine rankings – where your target market can discover the products and services you have to offer them.

These tips cover lots of basics, as well as many advanced topics you won't find just about anywhere else, including:

  • How to choose the *best-ranking* domain name
  • Navigation secrets most webmasters miss!
  • What really counts in your meta tags
  • Sizzling hot anchor text tips
  • Four phrases to keep off your site
  • Five ways to optimize any article for top ranking now
  • Why big is beautiful – and better than ever!
  • The secret of the Rutabaga Pudding Pop
Use this tip sheet as a checklist every time you add a new page to your website. It will serve as one of the most handy reference tools you ever own. Plus, in just a few pages, it can deliver more customers than a Madison-Avenue-size advertising budget would.

This bonus alone is worth several times the price of
Don't Get Banned By the Search Engines.
Get your personal copy now, and start winning.

A very special FREE "thank you" gift.

Claude Hopkins book cover As important as the search engines are to attract traffic, you still have to convince your visitors to buy. No problem. As a bonus for you, I have chosen this timeless classic by Claude Hopkins, with helpful chapters on

  • Psychology and advertising.
  • How to tell Your Full Story.
  • Advertising strategy
  • How to use art in advertising
  • Mail order advertising.
  • And much, much more.
Get your Copy of Scientific Advertising free right now
with Don't Get Banned By The Search Engines

Claim your package here. You get hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars of crucial inside information on search engines that will secure your business. PLUS you also get the secrets to writing ads that sell, sell, sell. These bonuses are legitimately worth $124 by themselves.

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And I offer a 30-day %100 money-back guarantee. If you don't find something you can use immediately to improve your chances with the search engines, I will cheerfully return your money. But I know you'll find so much helpful advice that you'll be up for days putting all the juicy ideas to work for you.

I want you to start benefiting immediately, so grab your copy. If you don't have a credit card, you can pay with PayPal (PayPal also accepts credit cards now, too.):

Or if you prefer to mail a check, make it out to:
"David Leonhardt"
3854 County Road 7, RR2
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You will be downloading and reading the e-book within just a few minutes... and learning the startling but simple truth about making it big on the search engines WITHOUT making big mistakes!

Here's to your search engine success!

David Leonhardt

P.S. I've been asked why I wrote this e-book. In a word, "pain". It is painful to see so many good people taken in by shady characters peddling dubious, even harmful, schemes. It hurts to see fine webmasters taken in by even just innocent misinformation floating around the Internet.

When I hear some of the explanations webmasters give me for doing things that can actually cost them their business, I feel like just banging my head against a wall.

But, instead, I wrote this e-book. It sure beats banging my head against a wall. :) So save my head and save your business. Get your copy now.

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