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DISCLAIMER: This is a basic, fast-track media relations training video without all the bells and whistles and fancy advanced strategies. I prepared it at the request of entrepreneurs and experts who are new to media relations or who have had limited experience or little training in public relations. It is not intended for highly-experienced media practitioners. My media relations report Get In The News! is more advanced.

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Yikes! There's a reporter on the line.

No problem. Just slip that media relations training video into the VCR for your instant refresher course.

It's your message. That's what counts. That's the title of the video and it should be your public relations game plan. If you think getting on TV or in the newspaper is just about free publicity, think again. It's about carefully crafting an image, about raising awareness, and most importantly, it's about defining a specific message you want delivered.

You have the ears of the nation; what do you want to tell the people? You wouldn't buy a page of advertising in Time Magazine without spending hours identifying your target audience, defining your message, drafting dozens of lines, and selecting those few that will most precisely deliver the exact message you want.

"Your media training session was useful in arming us with the knowledge needed to deal with the press."

Robert Black,
President, CIPS Toronto

Media relations is much more than just free publicity and self-promotion. It's about getting your message across to your target audience. You've read the special report Get In The News!, you've followed its advice, and now the media is calling. How do you make sure you get the right message across?

Ah c'mon David. There's a reporter on the line.
I don't have time for all that.

OK, so hurry up and slip the training video into your VCR. You may not have time to do all the research required, but I am sure you have some idea of what you would like the audience to do. Maybe it's to look you up in the Yellow Pages. Maybe it's to come down to your store. Maybe it's to sign up for a contest. You probably have a pretty good idea.

You say the reporter will be there with a cameraman in half an hour? That gives you just enough time to view the video, take a few notes, swell with confidence, and strike a TV news home run.

Don't keep me in suspense. Tell me what's on the tape.

A wealth of rock-solid, basic media relations advice. Here's what you get:

    Learn how to attract media coverage for whatever project you have in mind.
    Discover the traps reporters set ... and how to avoid them.
    Find out how to dress for television (There actually is a right way and a wrong way.).
    A must for media relations training Learn what to say to a journalist ...and what to avoid saying.
    > Find out the keys to writing an effective news release.
    Discover the power of the media and steer it in your favor.

Get top-notch tips from someone who has been called one of North America's most vocal and visible consumer advocates, often conducting over 600 media interviews per year.

"CAA's new high profile started about 18 months ago when the Ontario chapter hired David Leonhardt as its first full-time lobbyist."

The London Free Press

In "It's your message. That's what counts.", I share lessons from the school of hard knocks so that entrepreneurs and experts new to media relations just like you don't have to hit as many rocks as I did. Over a decade later, and hundreds of headlines passed, this is my gift to you.

WARNING: Before buying any media relations videos, make sure the authors have had real-life experience AND success.

At just $24.97, this valuable resource can save your business or build it even stronger. So the next time someone calls out, "Help! There's a reporter on the line.", you'll be prepared to say, "Great! Let's pop in that media relations training video and start our publicity steamroller in gear."

"I picked David to interview for this video because he knows his stuff. He has a proven track record and can articulate his message clearly and succinctly."

Peter Merrick

Here's to your successful media debut.

signed by The Happy Guy
David Leonhardt
The Happy Guy

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