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That's the power of the media. Even a single TV appearance or a well-placed mention in a newspaper article can trigger hundreds, even thousands of customer calls. You can cash in TODAY! All you need is the right media relations plan.

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Media relations plan

The ultimate
media relations plan
for free publicity

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This power-packed "how-to" media relations plan reveals hundreds of simple ideas and once-in-a-lifetime tricks to attract the media to your business like starving ants to the church picnic. Take a sneak peek at dozens of insider secrets from someone who has been there ... over and over again. Get all the power strategies to turbo-boost your business to instant success!

Best of all, you can grab this gold mine now at a ludicrously low small business price. That's Thousands of $$$$ of free publicity for just $39.87!

"Media coverage would bring me ..."



I was absolutely blown away by your Get in the News ebook. Your techniques and methods are such a pleasant change from the usual bland information about attracting the Media. Best of all -- your stuff works! We used the exact technique that you described on page 31 with a new restaurant we opened and it was front page news in our local paper.

Thanks David,"

James Jones

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Letter from the author, David Leonhardt

Once you get in the news, you are celebrity. You are a superstar. Your business will bloom a thousand blossoms ... if you do it right.

Get in the News is the all-inclusive, information-packed bible on how to attract reporters like moths to a light bulb. Here's what that means for you:

  • Instant credibility. When somebody sees you on the news, she knows you are real, you have skill, you have knowledge ... and she will trust you and she will do business with you.

  • Increased visibility. You become better known than your competition ... and customers seek you out like a teenagers lining up for the next American Idol auditions..

  • Proof of your value. Send copies of those clippings and audios and videos to potential clients. Forget cold-calling ... they'll come looking for YOU!

  • Fresh, new markets. Discover oodles of thirsty customers you never even knew you could sell to.

  • Free advertising. What is it worth to you to get your message in front of thousands or even millions of hungry customers?

  • Higher standing in the community. Don't be shy. You work hard, you run a good business, you deserve to be recognized on radio and TV, in the newspaper and in magazines. With recognition comes success in everything you do for business and for the community.

To build your credibility, your visibility, your value, your publicity and your standing in the community - in short, if you want to become an entrepreneur success story - Get in the News is a must-read.

Imagine your phone ringing off the hook - WOW! Another new customer! - while you're trying to call out for a carpenter to repair the door that the stampede of new customers keeps knocking down. Aaahhh. You can almost taste the profits. That's my goal for you.

WARNING: Before buying any media relations or publicity report, make sure the author has had real-life experience AND success.

After a decade and-a-half as one of North America's most visible consumer advocates, I've had enough media exposure. In fact, some years I've conducted over 600 media interviews and been thrust across TV screens from coast to coast. Here's how one newspaper described my success when I took on new responsibilities a few years ago:


"CAA's new high profile started about 18 months ago when the Ontario chapter hired David Leonhardt as its first full-time lobbyist."

The London Free Press

Nobody was there to show ME what to do back when I started out. But YOU have somebody to show you. YOU don't have to make media relations mistakes. YOU can learn media relations skills the easy way with Get in the News!

David, what EXACTLY do I learn
about media relations?

Everything you could possibly hope for ... and more. There's enough meat in this special report to keep an ocean of piranhas fed for a lifetime.

Start by learning how to turn your message into news -- not what you think is news or wish was news, but what a reporter or editor or producer thinks is news -- this is real-life stuff. You learn the different kinds of messages and how and when to use each. Here are just a few benefits you get by reading this indispensable report:

  • Have reporters eating out of your hands with 3 proven POWER strategies.

  • Get 3 spellbinding techniques to grab the media's attention and lock them in to your news.

  • Discover 3 ways most businesses totally FAIL to reach the media ... and don't make the same mistakes.

  • Get reporters to call YOU! Learn the simple 4 step process to make them practically beg you for your news!

  • "I called a news conference and nobody came!" Don't let this happen to you – get 11 crucial tips to make your news conference a success.

  • Discover why most news releases end up in the garbage, UNLESS you follow these simple steps.

  • Get 3 original ways you can make the media PART of your news ... and make them a captive audience!

  • Discover how writing a simple letter can get you a bank vault of free publicity.

  • Learn when and how to outsource your media plan ... and 3 deadly outsourcing risks to avoid!

  • Phone. Fax. Mail. E-mail. HELP! Here is exactly how to deliver your news release in the age of information-overload.

  • Discover 8 little-known tools you can use to by-pass reporters and totally control your message.

  • Get 3 easy but little-used ways to answer a reporter's question when you don't even know the answer.

  • Get dozens of additional tricks and ideas to make your business THE PLACE TO BUY!

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Media relations plan

The ultimate
media relations plan
for free publicity

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Keep in mind, I am here to help small businesses and entrepreneurs. Here's a question I get all the time:

What about news releases?

I'm glad you asked. 99% of news releases are never used by the media, including many written by highly-paid "professionals". Journalists just don't have the time to decipher cutesy headlines from would-be poets or read through rambling ego-infested irrelevancies. Get in the News teaches you how to write a show-stopper news release that gets you results! Here's what you learn about news releases:

  • The hush-hush truth about news releases: what is really most important for your success.

  • What you should LEAVE OUT of your news release! VERY IMPORTANT!

  • How to use "the news" to get a frenzy of reporters banging down your door.

  • How poor timing can CRUSH your news release ... and 6 sneaky ways to turn timing to your advantage.

  • 14 specific ways to put news in your news release, so yours will be one of the few that reporters actually read.

  • How long the news release should be, and how short the first paragraph should be. Easy time-tested step-by-step instructions you could follow in your sleep.

  • The one cardinal sin that will instantly kill your news release ... PLUS the top 5 common mistakes news release writers often make.

  • When a news release is NOT the right tool to use.

  • 3 unique strategies to make your news "newsworthy".

  • And lots more inside knowledge about news releases ...

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"Your media training session was useful in arming us with the knowledge needed to deal with the press."

Robert Black, President, CIPS Toronto

New stuff in the media relations plan. PLUS, this powerful guide is filled with real-life case studies. You learn how others hit paydirt by grabbing the media's attention. Why should they get all the goodies? Here are just a few of the juicy secrets you learn from one media relations success story after another:

  • How a Barbie Doll collector turned her hobby into a full-time business using a media relations plan.

  • Why -- and how -- one bright entrepreneur led journalists 100 miles out of the city.

  • What was the ONLY time I called the media to a news conference -- and why.

  • How one environmental group sent an entire city into panic (and why that just was not such a great idea).

  • How one company used a current events survey to get media coverage, and how you can duplicate their success.

  • How Jenny Craig used someone else's news to get some for herself!

  • How I used the transcripts of government debates to leverage cascading media coverage across the country. (Yes, this little-known trick is totally legal!)

  • How one company messed up a news release on ... uh ... something or other. It was so bad, I don't even remember what the topic was!

  • How routine "Jeopardy" tryouts displaced hard-hitting news on the front page of Canada's national newspaper, and how you can replicate their sneaky tactic.

  • How I hit the media jackpot with a story and a photo in all the papers by keeping reporters AWAY from our event!

  • And many more juicy media relations success stories YOU can repeat over and over again, so get your copy now.

More great
media relations
resources for
free publicity!

News Release Editorial Service

A professional review and edit of your news release (press release) for just $50. Act now to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

(two-day turnaround, excluding U.S. and Canadian holidays)

Media Relations Training Video

This must-have basic training video prepares you to speak to reporters. Get yours here for just $25.

Live Advice

Get live telephone advice from David Leonhardt (sometimes even at really strange hours). Call now.

Look what else you get!

I've also packed this report with free "Super tips" -- from common sense advice that should be obvious (but often is not) to great big juicy publicity ideas that nobody has ever thought of before.

You'll learn unique new ways to stand out from your competition. Let me show you what I mean. Here is a FREE Super Tip to give you a flavor of the original bonus ideas you get when you order your copy of Get in the News:

Super tip! Don't be afraid to send out several versions of the same news release. Local news appeals to local media because news is about that media outlet's audience. For instance, when I send out news releases about my book, those headed for Illinois, Iowa, Ontario and Quebec always mention my personal connection with those states and provinces. Similarly, if your product or service appeals to several industry sectors, send an appropriately tailored version to trade magazines for each sector.

Take that one to the bank every time. This is your secret weapon. You won't find many of the big boys taking the time to customize their news releases. Here's another FREE Super Tip.

Super tip! If you can serve something that ties in with your news conference, even better. If you are announcing a product that cleans up the toxic soup in area lakes, try serving bowls of hot soup ... just make sure the journalists understand that it's the non-toxic variety.

That's just one way to make your publicity projects go that extra mile for you and make your business a top dog success story. Let's look at one more.

Super tip! Context isn't always the latest disaster or government announcement. Many publications have special supplements (the annual awards issue, the monthly homes section, etc.). Find out the "editorial calendar" of the publication, and send information that could be useful to special editions or supplements. A good resource for this is Wooden Horse Publishing.

And there are so many more unheard-of tips where those came from. Get in the News is overflowing with these simple tips and winning ideas. You can milk it for years to come. What a great investment at such a tiny cost ... and available just to you as an independent entrepreneur.

Get yours for just $39.87 now.
You get it in your hands as soon as you pay.
No waiting whatsoever!

* HURRY ... Before we raise the price!

In case you did a double take, that price is right. You can save thousands of dollars on hiring a PR agency (Monthly retainers alone run from $2,000 to $10,000.) You might as well just hook yourself right up to your local neighborhood vampire and say, "Go ahead. Suck me dry!" Big business can afford to just turn on the hose and let the money flow, but you cannot. So you get this priceless PR machine for just $39.87.

What about other reports? Want to compare prices? Go ahead and shop the competition. Here's the link for The Publicity Hound. And here's the link for Marcia Yudkin. (Both these ladies offer great advice, too!)

Welcome back.

Why would I practically give this valuable insider information away? Because I want to give entrepreneurs and small business access to the same top quality information and training the big boys get. It's that simple. I am an entrepreneur and I want to help other entrepreneurs like me. You benefit, so act now!

Media relations plan

The ultimate
media relations plan
for free publicity

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As if all this isn't enough, you get a super bonus at the end after all the information-packed pages. I have assembled a list of the most useful web sites for all aspects of media relations.

Find out where you can click-and-send your news release to have it distributed like lightning across the Internet. Learn where to find media outlets, such as radio and television and newspapers, on the Internet -- fast and easy. Discover five web sites where you can snag the media when they are looking for you. Discover five great ezines I personally subscribe to and read -- chock-full of useful ideas.


"Get in the News is full of useful and easily applicable ideas and advice to make oneself visible in the marketplace. An added bonus is the list of web resources for media relations."

Colleen Clarke, Career and Training Consultant

Editor's note:" Colleen Clarke writes a weekly column in Canada's largest tabloid to promote her practice. She is also the career advisor for Monster.ca."

Even BIGGER bonus -- lifetime updates

Let me give you something so valuable you can use it FOREVER. I'll give free updates for life. As long as I have a valid e-mail address for you, I will give you free electronic updates at least once a year. So if I add content, which I always seem to be doing (your copy may already have much more than I've announced on this page.) you get more.

So to recap, here's what I've packed into your media relations treasure chest (including lots of brand new additions for 2003!):

    page after page after page jam-packed with information to build your business image.
    Dozens of effective media relations strategies you can take to the bank.
    Over 30 real-life success stories -- and the secrets they reveal.
    Over 40 Super Tips added just for the current edition.
    The inside scoop on how to get in the news from someone who's been there, done that, and successfully gone back ... again and again.
    All this for the ridiculous price of just $39.87. But this price won't last long!
    PLUS lifetime updates.

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You'll get your immediate copy faster than you can say:
"And now for tonight's news ..."

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I want you to start benefiting immediately, so grab your copy. If you don't have a credit card, you can pay with PayPal (PayPal also accepts credit cards now, too.):

Or if you prefer to mail a check, make it out to:
"David Leonhardt"
3854 County Road 7, RR2
Chesterville, ON
Canada, K0C 1H0.

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I look forward to your feedback on how you use this special report to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. See you in the media.

signed by The Happy Guy
David Leonhardt
The Happy Guy

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P.S. Get your copy of Get in the News right away, because the price could soon increase. Right now it's a steal at just $39.87. Get it now.

P.P.S. Remember, you get insider knowledge on how the media work and what it takes to get their attention ... PLUS great advice on how to avoid mistakes most novices make. Don't learn from your mistakes -- jump to the head of the line by learning from experience. Download now for instant access.

P.P.P.S. Did you notice that I wrote an entire (and fairly long) information sheet about this incredible resource without once using any of those violent words on most other sell sheets (killer, blast, explode, dynamite)?

Avoiding certain words when speaking to the media is a valuable skill that can save your skin. We cover that and so much more in the video "It's Your Message: That's What Counts", which is also a steal at just $25. CLICK HERE for more details

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