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Web Site Hosting Service

Jan 08, 2007 - filed under uncategorized 1 Comment

It seems that most things are running smoothly for this blog, although I wish I could have the template match the rest of the web site.  That will have to wait.   

We had to upgrade our account at Phastnet web site hosting service, as we had only a bottom-line brochure account.  Now with subdomains and a blog, we need a real business account.  So we upgraded.

My Life With An Unsung Hero

Jan 05, 2007 - filed under clients Comments Off on My Life With An Unsung Hero

Today’s mail carried a special gift with it.  One of our clients from last summer, whose book My Life With An Unsung Hero we helped prepare, sent us a copy of the book.  It’s a compelling tale of true heroism, and is just one of the book manuscript editing projects we have been working on.

Dreaming Of Search In 1994

Jan 05, 2007 - filed under email, networking Comments Off on Dreaming Of Search In 1994

David Utter writes in Dreaming Of Search In 1994 :

Instant messaging and VoIP have begun to supplant email for regular communications anyway, a change we will lament. The best part of email is its asynchronous nature. A message sent at 9 could be answered at 10 without either party feeling intruded upon or ignored.

I agree.  A discussion requires instant communications, best by telephone of one sort or another.  But for most communication, which requires a simple one-way transfer of information, email is at least as useful, much less disruptive and far more efficient.  Plus it leaves a trail to refer back to, especially when you want to refer back to commitments you, your supplier or your customer have made.  Plus email allows you to forward information, even months later, to new players who get involved. 

Unless a discussion is required, email is by far the most effective tool we have right now.





Hello world!

Jan 04, 2007 - filed under uncategorized Comments Off on Hello world!

Welcome to our new blog.  This is the place where we will be posting notices about just about everything.  Here you can expect: 

  • Provocative talk on marketing and SEO tactics and attitudes
  • Improvements to The Happy Guy Marketing’s website and services (mostly SEO and SEM).
  • News from the world of search engine marketing
  • Updates on client progress and happenings
  • Maybe other things.  The great thing about a blog is that you get to make observations about the world

We welcome all visitors.  Make a comment.  Get involved in the discussion.  Once we gather some momentum, we are sure it will be lively.  :-)

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