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Where the Candidates Stand on SEO

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Today, I would like to share with you the candidates’ positions on SEO.  In both the USA and Canada, national elections are in process, so it is only appropriate that the major political figures have stakes out pivotal positions on issues critical to SEO.

Unfortunately – and amazingly – no candidate in either country has yet announced the party platform on SEO-related issues, so here are a few questions I would like to pose to the candidates: 

  1. The Internet has expanded immensely over the past decade.  As a result, demand for top-10 rankings has far outstripped supply for almost every search term imaginable.  How does each candidate plan to increase the number of websites in the top-10?
  2. Will the candidates agree to support the proposed “Truth in Google Backlinks” bill?
  3. How do the candidates plan to convert the oversaturation of city traffic (a bad thing) into increased website traffic (a good thing).
  4. There are far too many shady characters hanging their shingles and calling themselves SEOs, offering false guarantees, taking advance payments to enjoy the beach, and giving the honest SEO professionals a bad name.  Would each candidate please explain which method they prefer to rectify this: public flogging, overdosing on anchovy paste, locking in a room with an endless stream of Teletubbies reruns?
  5. How does each candidate plan to address the pending disaster occurring in India and Pakistan, namely the overabundance of cut-rate link-builders who are putting Americans and Canadians on the street?
  6. Could any of the exciting candidates please shout “Yahoo!” at the next campaign rally?
  7. Are any of the vice-presidential candidates willing to pray for my clients to rank #1 for all their search terms?
  8. Where does each candidate stand on drilling in the Arctic, and what has that got to do with SEO, anyway?
  9. Canada the USA and Mexico have signed a North American Free Trade Agreement that some politicians have suggested needs to be renegotiated.  Will the candidates also commit to negotiating a North American Free Internet  Agreement?
  10. What keywords does each candidate plan to target when in office?
  11. PPC prices have suffered unprecedented inflation, keeping pace with inflation of Zimbabwe.  Do the candidates favor a price cap on PPC when they climb to the average price of housing?
  12. Do the candidates favor a price floor on housing when they dip to the price of PPC?
  13. Do the candidates prefer Google Maps or MapQuest for coordinating future military campaigns?
  14. Will the candidates commit to placing a recently updated Google PageRank bar over the entrances to all government offices, so that visitors know the true value of each office?
  15. Do the candidates plan to appoint blog secretaries to organize blog conferences?
  16. And finally, what role does each candidate see for spam in relations with Iran?

 I am sure there are other SEO-related questions we should be asking.  Perhaps you can suggest some in the comments field below…


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Internet Terminology

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Some people new to the Internet get confused by all the virtual terminology.  This article on Internet Terminology should help.


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Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Always on the lookout for cool and useful new social networks, I signed up for a MyBlogLog acount, recommended by several people at WebProWorld.  If you join up, please make me a contact of yours and we can follow each other around, share information and be successful together.


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Search Top 5 Is The New Top 10

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Microsoft’s new eyeball study shows what we have always known … that people click on the #1 search result most of the time, and all the other spots are just also-rans. 

 But the study reveals a lot more, especially for how search engines can improve the way they display results.  In Search Top 5 Is The New Top 10 Jason Miller summarizes the report, but here is an except from that article that is most useful for SEM-SEO marketing:

1. Users scan four results regardless of where the best listing is (Though we also know from previous studies that the top listings are inherently trusted more, and it appears searchers consider results in couplets – one and two together, eliminating one, usually the second, and then skipping to three and four, suggesting odd-number results are superior to even-numbered results).

2. Users scanned more results when the best listing was moved further down the page, regardless of snippet length, indicating users know at a glance if the result is the correct one.

3. Users look farther down the list for navigational queries than for informational queries.

4. Users expect to find their desired information in the top five results (Other reports have supported that results appearing above the fold, or where scrolling is required, are clicked on with more frequency. In relation to that, Microsoft’s study showed click accuracy rates diminished for rankings 4, 5, 7, and 8. Note: Result six is not included as below the fold, six becomes rank one.)

5. Users examine, on average, eight results before changing their queries, meaning if results 9 and 10 are pretty much SOL.


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The Web and Politics

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Paul Wells is one of my favorite columnists.  If you don’t live in Canada, you are missing out on both his wit and his insite.  In this case, he writes about how the Web is juts beginning to redefine politics, both in Canada and the USA.

I find it surprising that it has taken so long, but there is no question that Web marketing will take on a new dimension when we the non-business world gets ahold of its power – politicians, charities, barious causes and opinions…

In fact, I think the Web has the power to mold public opinion more than ever before, and at the same time the public can use the Web to play a direct role in changing society more than ever before.



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How a camera can help SEO

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

I just bought a new cell phone, and I paid a little extra for a good quality camera function.  I did it for SEO reasons.

Now, I can already hear the calls of “What do pictures havce to do with SEO?  The search engines don’t index images.” It is still hard to get across to some people what the search engines are looking for.  They are looking for things that will interest people.  Since photos often interest people (depending on what you photograph), you can expect that posting photos to a blog, for instance, would be helpful in your SEO efforts. 

I would post a photo of the camera-phone, but for two problems: I have yet to read the manual and I don’t know how to take a picture of a camera (except with another camera).

If you plan to spread the word about your business through any photo-sharing websites, such as Flickr, you will need a camera.  If your product is in the least bit visual, you can go nuts with photo-sharing sites (I mean that in a good way, of course). 


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Your blog can earn you candy!

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Do you blog?  How would you like to turn a post into candy?  It’s simple.  The good folks over at Plum Drama Personalized Party Favors want you to blog about them.  In return, they will send you one of their personalized candy tins, in your choice of flavors (cinnamon, peppermint or fruit), personalized with your name or with the name of your sweetie (Think Valentines!). What a great idea!

Here is the text I have been sending to my Daily Dose of Happiness subscribers… 

Calling all bloggers.  The Happy Guy wants you to get a free personalized tin of candy from an upscale manufacturer to give your sweetie for Valentines Day.  All we ask is that you blog about http://www.plumdrama.com using a direct link that Google with follow and index.  Call it a gift.  Call it a bribe.  Just as long as you call her (or him!) “sweetie”.  Let me know where you’ve blogged ( [email protected] ), your sweetie’s name, your address and the flavor of your choice.  Hey, your blog just saved you the cost and time of shopping for a Valentines gift.  This offer is open to the first 25 quick-thinking bloggers to get back to me.  :-)


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Web Site Hosting Service

Monday, January 8th, 2007

It seems that most things are running smoothly for this blog, although I wish I could have the template match the rest of the web site.  That will have to wait.   

We had to upgrade our account at Phastnet web site hosting service, as we had only a bottom-line brochure account.  Now with subdomains and a blog, we need a real business account.  So we upgraded.


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Hello world!

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Welcome to our new blog.  This is the place where we will be posting notices about just about everything.  Here you can expect: 

  • Provocative talk on marketing and SEO tactics and attitudes
  • Improvements to The Happy Guy Marketing’s website and services (mostly SEO and SEM).
  • News from the world of search engine marketing
  • Updates on client progress and happenings
  • Maybe other things.  The great thing about a blog is that you get to make observations about the world

We welcome all visitors.  Make a comment.  Get involved in the discussion.  Once we gather some momentum, we are sure it will be lively.  :-)


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