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SocialFloat – social sharing widget

Not every website is a WordPress blog.  That’s a pity, because WordPress has so many handy plugins.  SocialFloat is NOT a WordPress plugin – and that is good news if your website is not a WordPress blog, because this is for the rest of us.

You will surely have noticed on so many WordPress blogs a column of social voting buttons on the right or left of the page (see the right hand side of this page, for example).  These “float”, because even as you scroll down the page, they stay in the same place on your screen.  This makes it easy to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.



That’s what Social Float does.  It encourages your visitors to share your content by keeping the share buttons constantly on their screens.  Why is this important?

  • You can generate a lot of traffic through Twitter and Facebook.
  • The search engines are paying attention to what pages and what websites get more shares and tweets, so it is important for SEO.
  • Your visitors don’t want to have to search for a share button all over your pages.
  • Your competitors on WordPress are using tools like this; you need to keep up.

I am making this social sharing widget available absolutely free.  You can download SocialFloat here.  You will get the exact code with clear and precise beta-tested instructions that even a relative newbie can add to their website.

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3 Responses to “SocialFloat – social sharing widget”

  1. Brian D. Hawkins (2 comments) Says:

    I noticed SocialFloat includes Blogengage, Bizsugar and others so it’s alright in my book.

  2. Gera (1 comments) Says:

    Hi David,

    I wish I would have had this widget when I was on Blogger! At that moment you only have add-this, bookmarks, or footer-bar like wibiya and nothing more.
    Today on WordPress with plugins is easier and this social sharing floating at the right is very tempting. I’ve just pressed some of them :)



  3. David Leonhardt (161 comments) Says:

    @Rick, SocialFloat stays on the side, and you can customize the sites you want to add.

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