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Link bait lesson from Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts, Google’s public face for webmasters and search engine consultants, has shown us how to do link bait.  Oops, I mean, how to do really good quality content.  Yeah, that’s what I meant to say.

Here is the link bait…I mean content:


Note that it is a numbered list, and not a “top 10” list.  Matt chose a top 9 list, which is just a little offbeat..  Note that there are plenty of illustrations.  And the text and images combined are useful – actually demonstrating how to do something – not just silly stuff (although sometimes I like silly stuff, too).

Matt submitted it to Digg: 


As of now, it has 42 Diggs. 

Study it hard, becasue even if your content doesn’t get more than one or two Diggs, this is how the Google guru prepares his content, so you can’t go wrong posting something like this on your website. 

There now, Matt just got a link from me as a result of his quality content.  You see?  It works. 

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9 Responses to “Link bait lesson from Matt Cutts”

  1. Roger Hamilton (6 comments) Says:

    Isn’t the fact that he is Matt Cutts thats why he gets links? Anyway. we should study it hard lol.

  2. wilson (40 comments) Says:

    Oh, Matt Cutts again? Then, I should spare a few minute to read on his post…

    By the way, David. I’m glad you told us about Matt Cutt’s new gig :)

  3. Manila Webmasters (2 comments) Says:

    So I hope that those method of link baiting may help increase my blog’s traffic and sales. 😀

  4. Mark (9 comments) Says:

    Matt or not the page is good link bait!

  5. renantech (1 comments) Says:

    I cannot understand well what linkbait is.. and how it affects a websites and linking.

  6. David Leonhardt (161 comments) Says:

    @ renantech A simple definition for link-bait is any content you place on your site specifically with the intention of attracting links. However, even if the content is not intended to draw links, it can still be considered link bait if in fact the page attracts a lot of links.

  7. Scott (3 comments) Says:

    The great Matt Cutts. I do enjoy his Blogs, though.

  8. Muqtada Khalid (2 comments) Says:

    Dont you guys think that its really difficult to create such a content that will attract others for link bait, i mean, how do you know that what kind of content others like to see and read a lot, well from my inspection the story is all about giving a lot of time to read and learn about peoples liking, once you got your platform then you got your train.

  9. Real Estate in Manila (1 comments) Says:

    Read your post and bookmarked your website, its still very relevant even today in 2010, great job :)

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