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Importance of Deep Linking

I like how Peter Lee of Work From Home Business Blog explains the benefits of deep linking:

those that go directly to a site’s internal pages and are quite different from your normal generic links. They specifically relate to user’s goals and objective in business and therefore enhances usability, which can double your sales on average.

He goes on to explain what to do to make that deep-linked page a good landing page for the whole website, including the name of the website, and easy click to the home page and an accessible search box to find anything else on the website. This makes every page is a window to the entire website.

Here is where to read more about this deep link strategy. Don’t let the dancing bananas throw you; the post is meaty indeed.

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12 Responses to “Importance of Deep Linking”

  1. Loic (1 comments) Says:

    I also agree that deep linking is very important for SEO but also to attract new customers (it allows them to directly be in the page they were looking for).

  2. david blane (1 comments) Says:

    deep linking its a real magic? :)

  3. Zafar Ahmed (1 comments) Says:

    I think deep linking is the most important aspect of SEO….building links and deep linking are very essential…it is a tested technique…

  4. boris (1 comments) Says:

    We build deep links to our relevant pages as a standard business practice and have been doing so for a long time. WE also write this pages as landing pages.

  5. Internet Marketing Firm (1 comments) Says:

    Deep Linking is also a strategy to double listed in search engines

  6. David Leonhardt (161 comments) Says:

    Good point on thedouble listings. We have often focused on that for clients. A double listing means that you have two chances to pull a searcher in from the SERPs.

  7. David (14 comments) Says:

    From my experience, double listings (that show next to each other) are temporary only, and that happens because Google is trying to determine which page is more relevant to the specific search. Thats why you may see your home page next to a more specific page.

  8. David Leonhardt (161 comments) Says:

    David, far from being temporary, one can hold onto double listings for years. The way it works is that Google accepts up to two pages from any domain. MSN does the same, except that I believe you can manually change it in your preferences. If two of a website’s pages rank within the top 10 for a search phrase, Google lumps them together. Let’s say one of your pages ranks #2 and the other ranks #7, Google will display them as #2 and indented #3. If a third page ranks # 9, it gets filtered out and you will never know.

  9. IMFreakz (1 comments) Says:

    I don’t think double listed in search engines is a good strategy. If visitor try to find for an example : “Nokia N96” And then they find our homepage and our post page. If they click the homepage they will not find the related content. (IMO)

  10. David Leonhardt (161 comments) Says:

    If they search for “Nokia N96″ and your home page is not relevant, then that should not be one of the two pages that shows up in the SERPs. Assuming you have two relevant pages, then double listings are a big boon to your website.

  11. Komik Resimler (1 comments) Says:

    Good point on thedouble listings. We have often focused on that for clients. A double listing means that you have two chances to pull a searcher in from the SERPs

  12. simon (13 comments) Says:

    deep links are an integral part of any competent SEO strategy. Many firms offer a number of service which all need their own website sections and deep links.

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