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DoFollow Blogs

Hot on the heels of writing again about the NoFollow attribute, I though I would also write again about the DoFollow plugin.  Here is a list of blogs that have installed some form of DoFollow feature.  This list will be updated so that new DoFollow blogs can be added over time.

Due to a Script Failure, this list is no longer available

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52 Responses to “DoFollow Blogs”

  1. SEO in Toronto (3 comments) Says:

    Nice list, now I just have to figure out exactly what the Do Follow Plugin does!!

  2. admin (7 comments) Says:

    For one thing, Jay, the DoFollow plugin removes the default NoFollow attribute from user-generated external links, such as the one in your name above. It sends a very specific message that you moderate your comments to make sure they are not pure spam.

    For another, it sends a very clear message that you want to be part of the Internet, not just an isolated island.

    And thirdly, by making it clear that you are not afraid to link out, it shows a level of confidence that your outbound links are valuable…and despite what “old-school” SEO says, I am certain that outbound links are a valuable SEO asset (in fact, part of what distinguishes an authority site).

  3. The-Dude (1 comments) Says:

    Thanks for setting this up! Viva la Bloggers!

  4. play asia (2 comments) Says:

    Thanks for sharing and showing that lots of people out there are still willing to share if people can follow the rules.

  5. Amber (1 comments) Says:

    @ The-Dude , Hey – “Viva la Bloggers” — that’s my line!

    —– * ——

    Thanks David for the link :) It is much appreciated. You are doing a good service for the blogosphere.

    And for those who read this list — Do-follow blogs are blogs that support other bloggers. Please think kindly of your fellow blogger – read their content and leave comments that are honest and thought out. It will benefit both parties.

  6. Katie (1 comments) Says:

    Thanks David for putting this list together. It’s a great resource!

  7. Spotsylvaina County Virginia (1 comments) Says:

    Wow..thanks a lot. I have been thinking about building a comprehensive list of dofollow blogs, but I think you have a better one right here.

  8. Duncan Rice (1 comments) Says:

    I actually arrived here through this ‘do follow’ list I’d found on someone elses blog, but I’m keen to know how to get on the list myself. You stated in the post that you’ll be updating the list over time – what do us other followers have to do to get on the list?

    I also loved the SearchStatus tool in your related post, I’m off to have a look at that now.


  9. Ecommerce website (1 comments) Says:

    long list but it’s good….very good topic you have here at least you can helped some of the bloggers out there…good luck and keep it up!!

  10. David Leonhardt (158 comments) Says:

    Hi Duncan. The answer for you and tohers who miugfht have the question is to go to http://www.feverishthoughts.com/do-follow-bloggers/ , where you will find the organizer’s post for this blogroll.

  11. baloch (2 comments) Says:

    great list. alot of variety in there and here are couple places where you can get more do follow blogs

    Above one is a search engine of Do follow blogs.

    Its a directory of dofollow blogs which really gives ability to find niche specific blogs.

    Yet another dofollow blog directory.

    167 dofollow blogs A big one , Even its give information about PR and its category. Its PDF version do take advantage of it.

    A big bombastic o again. Non sorted ugly but useful… Lol

    Again non sorted but Big! Some were around 200 dofollow blogs.

  12. RoWeb Design (1 comments) Says:

    Thanks a lot! I was trying to build a list like this and takes a lot of time. You made my life easier!

  13. ecommerce website design (1 comments) Says:

    Interesting list and movement. Not really sure if the whole nofollow thing has been of any benefit to the web. After all, nofollow or not, any good blog or site will delete spam on their own.

  14. Wongsk (2 comments) Says:

    Thank a lot for your Dofollow list.Before that i was using firefox addon try to get Dofollow blog as i browsing weblog,it take time.
    Now with this list ,i can get the dofollow blog easily,maybe some of the blog already change to nofollow.

  15. Bob (2 comments) Says:

    Wow, it will also took a lot of time to go through every link, thats interesting. Thanks for sharing such an huge list.

  16. Mumbai SEO (1 comments) Says:

    Thanks for the huge list of do-follow blogs. I think I’d get someone to go through the whole list and classify according to the blog theme.

    I’d like to know if I add the dofollow plugin to my blog, would my blog automatically appear in the dofollow blog search engines?

  17. David Leonhardt (158 comments) Says:

    @Mumbai SEO The plugin just makes your blog “normal”. If you want into a DoFollow directory, you have to submit your website. Each directory owner decides what websites to include in his directory.

  18. Manila Webmasters (2 comments) Says:

    Thanks for giving us the list, you saved our lives by giving those links

  19. Albert (2 comments) Says:

    This will be so useful, thank you for providing such a great list, I hope i get the time to use them all :)

  20. Fanimation (1 comments) Says:

    Wow! Thanks for the list. It must have taken a lot of time and effort to compile something like this!

  21. John Does Follow (1 comments) Says:

    I just switched my blog to do follow. A great way to find sites that are do follow is to use
    http://www.followtopia.com– Nofollow filtered search.

    It is how I found this site.

  22. pool enclosures (1 comments) Says:

    This is a great list for sure. The only problem i've found is that even if you make a honest comment about a post, if the blog owner even thinks you are using the link for seo purposes they like to delete the comment. Especially if you are targeting your keywords instead of leaving a name. What would be great is a list like this with blogs that you know you are allowed to comment on with out getting your link removed.

  23. SEO Preston (1 comments) Says:

    @ pool enclosures

    Fully agree with this! If you going to add good content which will benifit the blogger / writter then you should be rewarded with a link!

  24. SEO Malta (2 comments) Says:

    This is a great resouce thanks.

    As for pool enclosures and SEO Preston, I know this is usually an issue, however don't start off by commenting directly with the keywords you're targeting. The first 3 or so comments should be in your name. They should look natural

    There are some wordpress plugins that will automatically let your comment pass unnoticed if the administrator has accepted your comment 2 to 3 times.

  25. Liens sponsorises (1 comments) Says:

    Many thanks for the list, I have been working on this lately, Thought I would share it with you all.

    here is a do follow blogs search engine: theyfollow.seomysite.co.uk

    Hope it wasn't already mentionned

  26. Mike (11 comments) Says:

    Hey, great list, thiis is going to help me a lot in near future, becasue I am going to start my own blog. And it is definitely going to be a dofollow blog.

  27. Vrbo (1 comments) Says:

    Amazing thanks so much your list has definatly made my life a whole lot easier. I a tring to figure the best way to find these blogs myself. Any ideas?

  28. in stock wii fit (1 comments) Says:

    Its amazing, a lot of people are already a part of this “u comment i follow” movement. im glad i am! Do follow makes people feel more appreciated when the post comment on your blog. As long as you are the decider for which comment is true and have value to your blog, you are safe with Google.

  29. Conseils SEO (1 comments) Says:


    Many thanks for this list, I'll use some of them.


  30. Sharon (1 comments) Says:

    I went do-follow a few months ago. So far, I am pleased with my results. Most comments are quality comments, and it doesn't take long to delete the spam type comments.

    But, let's all be responsible when we post to these blogs and make our comments relevant to the post so we don't force these blog owners to go back to nofollow.

  31. Opseo (1 comments) Says:

    Excellent post, I have changed all my blogs to do-follow and my comments have increased big time. I will be linking to your post, thank you for the advice. Now people want to comment on my posts.

  32. Nashville SEO (2 comments) Says:

    Thank you so such, I am a web designer and SEO guy… I try to interact with both industries and frequently share my experience and opinions on many industry blogs. It's really nice when blogs show there appreciation to dedicated readers and comments by dofollowing my signature. Some site just want to take, but the best sites, like this one, know how to give back…

  33. Kat@BlogTips (1 comments) Says:

    Thanks for the great do follow list. I went do follow with all my blogs some time back and it does increase the comments. However, I am ruthless when it comes to deleting non-contributing comments.

  34. Chris @ DoFollow (1 comments) Says:

    This list is getting a little dated. I reviewed this list and several have switched to nofollow. People definitely need to recheck these sites with firefox and the nodofollow plugin.

  35. Jenny the editor (1 comments) Says:

    I think Do Follow is a great thing indeed, but there are two faces of the story here. One is the net advantage of having another external link, and the other is the fact that the Do follow blogger can end up with dozens of unwanted, unrelated comments. How can we decide which comments are allowed to stay and which not? If we consider ourselves to support link exchange, what stops the blogger to erase all comments from non-do follow bloggers. in this way, only do follow bloggers get promoted. And I don't see how anyone can argue with them, it's their blog after all…

  36. sports chat (1 comments) Says:

    I agree with Jenny, Do Follow blog is good and there are some webmasters, lets say are "fixated" do follow as for obvious reason that is one of the easiest way to get your link up on a webpage. A linked is a link and its better that nothing.

    However, no follow has its positive side as well, although the big G won't count it in as Page Rank. It will attract traffic to your website, for one..

  37. SEO Hosting (1 comments) Says:

    @ SEO preston
    Yes, absolutely right. The comment should be made in such a way that it should be beneficial to both viewers and the blog. It doesn't matter if you are using your name or keywords but your comment must be useful to the readers. Surely this post is much informative with good list of dofollo blogs.

  38. Brent Champagne (1 comments) Says:

    A great list. I have just added your dofollow list dofollow blog directory list. It will show later tonight when the cache is cleared. The list is a directory of directories and it has listings of directories, search engines and lists that have dofolow blogs.

    I am a new member of the dofollow blog movement.

  39. incentive programs (1 comments) Says:

    I think serious bloggers need to offer some kind of additional incentive programs for fellow bloggers to leave real posts. To many blogs are no follow which makes no sense. Some of the time it is just because people do not know, but more so people on power trips. I have actually ran experiments with just no follow and the results were JAW DROPPING!

    I think Search engines are not giving as much gravity to no follow tags as they use to

  40. Blue Falcon (1 comments) Says:

    I recently made my internet marketing blog dofollow, I feel that if someone puts a relevant comment that adds value to my blog, they should be rewarded with some link juice to it, why not? Especially after Google recently revealed changes in their nofollow/dofollow algorithm that have been implemented over a year ago!

  41. Website design tampa (1 comments) Says:

    Posting on blogs, in small numbers on what might not seem as related blogs is not going to cause you any harm. Whilst it is always ideal to have links from sites within the same, or similar niche I'm sure we'll all agree that is not always possible, especially when first starting out on a new site.

    Links, from unrelated sites are not going to harm your site. Links from spammy sites or spammy or unnatural behaviour and link profiles on the otherhand will.

  42. Ryan v. (2 comments) Says:

    Bloggers are rewarded in multiple way when someone comes to their site to post comments. Firstly they receive the traffic boost, second people are (hopefully) adding relevant comments to the actual post in the blog.

  43. Rajesh Kumar (1 comments) Says:

    It may be a good idea for you, but there are risks involved. If you are going to have someone else represent you by commenting with links going to your site, you need to be clear on what you are expecting of that person.

  44. Online Web Directory (1 comments) Says:

    Thanks for sharing the list.
    It will save much time of quite a few webmasters who look for such resoures to promote their websites.

    @ Ryan, well said, but it will help a blogger only when people really add some relevant content, which does not always happen.

  45. tenerife hotels (1 comments) Says:

    I totally agree with pool enclosures. Anchor text is an important part of link building and there should be an option to put this AS WELL as a name, otherwise we get the problem he mentions of people deleting posts thinking they're spammy. But that's just a vent – great list!

    Oh, I notice this blog only allows the name to be between 3 and 20 chars, that's not very helpful either!

  46. seoofindia (1 comments) Says:

    Getting links must be from relevant content site's.

  47. Newbie University (1 comments) Says:

    Search for blogs that use the plug in "Keyword Luv" and you'll be able to not only get a nice do-follow link, but also use the keywords that you want. The plug in makes it so you not only put your name in, but also your keyword you want to target. Once you submit it, the plugin makes your keyword a link. It will look like this: Bryan from The Newbie University. The Newbie University would be hyper linked, while Bryan from would not.

  48. Muqtada Khalid (2 comments) Says:

    Thanks for the great list, but i checked a few or i can say 9 blogs, i found 6 nofollow and 3 dofollow for which i m still confused because in normal state when a blog is nofollow a simple statement is there like rel="nofollow" but the three blogs i found dofollow have a statement like rel="externel " and thats it, what does it mean, is it consider dofollow or nofollow.

  49. Mike (11 comments) Says:

    Can I assume you are an expert on this topic? I am unveiling a website soon, and your information will hopefully help. Thanks for this.

  50. Elliot (1 comments) Says:

    I think it's worth pointing out that you also need to have plenty on nofollow links to a site as google will see a ratio of 95% dofollow and think it unnatural.

  51. Caleb "Muscles" Anthony (1 comments) Says:

    It makes perfect sense for google to tip the ratio a bit and look for a combination of both dofollow nofollow. It’s be unnatural for a site to have thousands of links all dofollow…

  52. Jennifer@t1 internet service (1 comments) Says:

    I read recently that removing nofollow on comment links is actually beneficial for blog owners these days because Google now uses the amount of activity your site generates in order to determine where it ranks in the search engines. Seems like removing the nofollow attribute would increase activity and really help blog owners out!

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