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"The second most-frequent writing request, after books, is for school papers.  We respond to all such queries by refusing to help a student cheat himself (or herself) out of an education."
David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Marketing, as quoted in Maclean's

Who Is "The Happy Guy" Marketing?

In this case, The Happy Guy is a team of online and offline promotional experts who can make your business and your website shine. The principals are David and Chantal Leonhardt, but we go much deeper than that.

David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt is the chief SEO (search engine optimizer) and writer. He is also the chief marketing strategist.

In his previous life, he was one of Canada's most visible consumer advocates, often conducting 500 media interviews a year.

He spent much of his time developing strategies to capture the imagination of the media, the public and politicians. He spent the rest of his time writing letters, news releases (press releases), reports, articles and newsletters.

His success was due to the kind of strategic thinking that he is now applying to website marketing and search engine optimization.

Chantal Leonhardt

Chantal Leonhardt is a partner in the corporation. She is our CFO, office manager and writing projects coordinator. Few have the coordinating, managing, editing, proofreading or translation skills she brings to our corporation, and ultimately to yours.

The Team

Behind us is a team of website designers and web programmers, writers and online marketing specialists whom we know and trust. If there is an area we do not have direct experience in, we are never shy to subcontract. We know how to find capable suppliers at a reasonable cost.

Let us give your website and your business more than just "a presence" on the Internet.

Want to hire The Happy Guy Marketing?

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